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“I knew this was what I wanted to create a practice around, what I wanted to bring to the world to heal people.” – Melissa Armour

From a young age, I was drawn to the idea that there was something bigger than all of us, that we were all a part of a universal energy that harnessed all of our needs, all of our prayers and all of our miracles. I remember walking on the beach with a friend trying to explain that this universal energy was “God” or “Buddha,” that these were all names for the same thing, a strength we could tap into beyond our wildest imagination. At 17 years old, you can imagine this made for a light conversation!

Over the years, I have carried this belief with me, and I have read, discovered and educated myself about the mind/body connection, different healing modalities and our connection with the “source” or universal energy. I wanted to understand how I could harness this energy to help myself and help other people. To satisfy my own skeptical mind, I made sure to learn about the science that backs it all up.

Finally, I found a little piece of it that I wanted to share with the world.

I first heard about Reconnective Healing through a close friend who had gifted me the book “The Reconnection, Healing Others, Heal Yourself” by Dr. Eric Pearl. I had researched, learned and practiced different healing modalities but when I read this book, it immediately clicked with me. Here was a healing art that harnessed the new energy of the evolved Earth, that didn’t depend on outdated relics or rituals. I knew this was what I wanted to create a practice around, what I wanted to bring to the world to heal people.

After attending Dr. Pearl’s training seminars, I immediately started giving sessions to anyone I could find, and the first person I worked with was my mom. Yes, she was my mother but also one of my biggest skeptics! After two sessions, we got pretty amazing results, and this confirmed for me that I had to keep going. Every person I met with thereafter has further validated for me the power of Reconnective Healing. And I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

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