Healing Stories

“You must understand that seeing is believing, but also know that believing is seeing.” – George Waitley

It is often difficult to understand the unfamiliar, that which we ourselves have not experienced. For this reason, I’ve collected a few examples of real people’s real experiences with Reconnective Healing. These miraculous stories represent the vast possibilities of healing. Each case is unique, and yours will be no exception.

“No one could have been more skeptical than me about the Reconnective Healing practice. But I’d been suffering from several chronic pain issues for years without improvement, and I knew I had nothing to lose. The first problem, and most debilitating, was chronic headaches had more recently been increasing in frequency, constantly, every day, for almost six months.  They were always only on the right side of my head but would radiate down to the right base of my skull, then to my neck and finally into my shoulder.  They interfered with my work and with most everything I enjoyed doing and were not relieved by medication.  The second problem was severe left knee pain that I had never had before, that had come on suddenly, and persisted for over two months.  Like the headaches, it interfered with just about every activity and was not alleviated by medication.  To try to help with these two problems, Melissa asked me to lie flat on a bed, to breathe deeply and evenly, and to close my eyes.  I remained that way for about 20 minutes while she practiced without touch or words .  At the end of that time, I opened my eyes and slowly got up and began to walk around.  I immediately realized that I did not have any pain in my left knee and that, within a very short time, even the headache had gone away.  I am very happy to say that it has now been several months since my treatment and neither the headaches nor the knee pain has returned. Once again I am enjoying each and every day just as I used to.”
– Elizabeth, Oregon

“I have noticed more of a calm surrounding me. Not that I have substantial anxiety issues or anything but I have noticed less anxiety when it comes to just about everything. When I was on the train heading for the airport the other week my back was tight and I was somewhat nervous about getting on a plane (I don’t like flying).  I spontaneously started feeling that pulsing feeling, I felt during the sessions, through my chest and my whole body relaxed.  I was the calmest I have been in many years on that plane flight. When we got home I found my dearest beloved cat almost dead he had gotten so sick.  The calm helped with that situation as well.  Kitty is fine now by the way, made a full recovery. So that is all I can say for now.  Maybe this will help in the long term with relaxing my back which I have had chronic problems with for 10 years now.”
– Cheryl, Chicago

“When Melissa first did a Reconnective Healing session with me I was a bit skeptical. It didn’t seem like she was doing anything at first.  But when my heart raced and my breath increased, I knew something powerful was happening.  Then, in a later session, my hands spontaneously contracted and expanded.  I could feel my physical energy as well as my energetic field changing.  After each session I felt better — more rested, less worried and agitated.  I highly recommend a Reconnective Healing session with Melissa to anyone who needs to refresh, restore or align their energy.”
– Jody, Oregon

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