Reconnective Healing

“Everything is energy and beyond that is Supreme Intelligence.”
– Albert Einstein

The idea that a common energy sustains all life forms is not a new one. Scientists and spiritual leaders have asserted this premise for centuries, and it remains at the foundation of many well-known practices, from the principal laws of physics to the healing arts of Acupuncture and Reiki.

The latest Science reveals what Eastern religions and medicine have understood for centuries, that there are, in fact, invisible energy fields around us affecting our state of health.  Reconnective Healing relies on the physics of energy, light and information to tap into and transfer high frequencies of energy to balance and restore the body’s energy field meridians.

Reconnective Healing is not just a new way to harness or apply energy. Rather, it is the first healing art to identify a new and very powerful high frequency energy that has just recently emerged through the Earth’s evolution. This new energy is able to reconnect us to the fullness of the universe, our body and our self, to achieve balance and to allow the body to heal in its own most appropriate way.

Think of your body as a radio in a moving vehicle. When you move through a snowfall in a mountain pass, reception of the signal may flicker or fade. Just in this way, it is easy to lose connectivity with the universal energy. Now through the emergence of Reconnective Healing, with over 65,000 practitioners worldwide, regaining this connectivity is finally within reach.

Through seminar and practice, Reconnective practitioners are taught to open and align with this newest high frequency energy — the frequency we are all meant to operate on. Unlike other healing arts, Reconnective Healing does not require touch, ritual or relic; it simply brings forth the universal high frequency to balance the energetic field that exists around and within your body. This field is where health and illness originate. By raising your body to a higher frequency, you equip yourself with the resources to better tackle physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges.

Reconnective Healing does not in itself cure a disease or fix a problem; rather it helps to initiate a state of being that is optimal for your own personal healing processes. Through Reconnective Healing, thousands of individuals have healed from cancers, AIDS-related diseases, epilepsy, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety and addictions… the list goes on.

Notably, those not contending with a serious health challenge have also reported finding a new sense of wonder and wellness in life.  As a holistic healing practice, you can see the benefits of Reconnective Healing are not isolated to specific mind/body functions, but represent a true path to wellness.

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